Guide to submit your papers:

Following the setting of successful previous shared tasks we had organized in the past (e.g. MEDDOCAN/IberLef2020, PharmaCoNER/BioNLP-ST EMNLP or CHEMDNER/BioCreative) we will invite all teams sending a test set prediction submission to send a workshop proceedings paper on their system (systems description paper) to be published in the SEPLN/IberLEF workshop CEUR proceedings.

The proceedings of the previous IberLEF2019 are online at

Working notes format

The working notes style is available via our proceedings volume template at (we will use single-column format as in previous years).

Overleaf users can clone the style from

Offline versions for LaTeX and DOCX are available from”

Additionally we plan to prepare a journal special issue on the CANTEMIST task overview, corpus and results together with participating technical team systems descriptions in a Q1 journal.