CANTEMIST: CANcer TExt Mining Shared Task will be part of the IberLEF 2020 evaluation campaign at the SEPLN 2020

The Plan for Promoting Language Technologies (Plan TL) aims to promote the development of natural language processing, machine translation and conversational systems in Spanish. In the line, through its collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) to promote activities for specialized on language technologies applied to health an biomedicine , we announce the call for shared task awards detailed below.

Registration: Fill in an online registration form.

Deadlines for submission:  August, 3

Evaluation: The evaluation of the automatic predictions for this task will have three different scenarios or sub-tasks:

  1. CANTEMIST-NER. Main evaluation metric: F-score.
  2. CANTEMIST-NORM. Main evaluation metric: F-score.
  3. CANTEMIST-CODING. Main evaluation metric: Mean Average Precision.

For further details on the evaluation of the sub-tasks, please refer to Evaluation.

Task organizers: This task has been coordianted by the OT de Sanidad of the Plan TL.

Scientific committee evaluator: Please refer to Scientific Committee.

Selection of winners: The first 3 classified in the tasks will be selected as finalists to receive prizes. System evaluations will be performed according to the evaluation criteria described in Evaluation.

Budget: The total budget for this call is 5100 euros.

The first classified in each of the sub-task will receive a prize of 1,000 euros, the second classified in each of the sub-task will receive a prize of 500 euros and the third classified in each of the sub-task will receive a prize of 200 euros.

Contact: For further details, please refer to

Official Cantemist results

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