January 13, 2020Train set releaseTraining set
January 13, 2020Development set releaseDevelopment set
January 13, 2020Additional sets releaseAdditional corpora
January 20, 2020Evaluation Script releaseEvaluation Script
March 2, 2020Test set release (includes Background set)Test set
April 28-May 1, 2020MIE2020 WorkshopMIE2020 Programme
May 10, 2020End of evaluation period: Participant results submissionsSubmission
May 12, 2020Results notified. Test set with GS annotations releaseTest set GS
July 17, 2020Participants’ working notes papers submittedEasychair submission
August 14, 2020Notification of acceptance participant papersTBA
August 28, 2020Camera ready paper submissionTBA
September 22-25, 2020CLEF 2020CLEF 2020 conference