This year MESINESP will once again award prizes to the teams that achieve the best performance in their models. The participating teams ranked in the top three places in the sub-track 1 will be awarded a prize. For sub-tracks 2 and 3 only the top-ranked team will be awarded a prize. In case of a tie, the decision will be made following these criteria:

  • First, it will be checked which system has been made publicly available in an online repository. 
  • Second, only if the both teams made publicly their systems, the team that has submitted a short paper describing the operation of the system will win.

If all tied teams meet these criteria, the prize money will be divided equally among the teams.

For sub-track 1, the top three ranked teams will get €1000, €500 and €200 respectively. For sub-tracks 2 and 3, each of the winning teams will receive a prize of 500 euros.

In order to encourage participants to support open knowledge, the team will receive the full amount of the prize as long as they open-source the model and a script to use it by other members of the community in a public repository such as Github. This repository must have all the necessary files to make it work by a third party. If they do not, a 50% deduction will be applied to the prize amount.

 The required template for the README file to be used in that repository can be downloaded from: 

All information can be found here