The results & associated proceedings of the track will be presented at the workshop Semantic Indexing and Information Retrieval for Health from heterogeneous content types and languages” (ECIR 2020) The workshop will also include an additional scientific session open to contributions related to this topic.

This workshop will be a forum where the community can present and discuss current and future directions for the area based on the experience and results obtained in the BioASQ task. Moreover will include an open session covering IR technologies for heterogeneous health-related content open to multiple languages with a particular interest in the exploitation of structured controlled vocabularies and entity linking.

Among the proposed topics for this open session are: (1) multilingual and non-English health related IR, concept indexing and text categorization strategies, (2) generation of evaluation resources for health and biomedical document IR strategies, (3) scalability, robustness and reproducibility of health and biomedical IR and text mining resources, (4) use of specialized machine translation and advanced deep learning approaches for improving health related search results, (5) medical Question Answering search tools, (6) retrieval of multilingual health related web-content.

Journal Special Issue

The planned workshop functions as a venue for the different types of contributors, mainly task providers and solution providers, to meet together and exchange their experiences.

We expect that investigation on the topics of the task will continue after the workshop, based on new insights obtained through discussions during the workshop.

As a venue to compile the results of the follow-up investigation, a journal special issue will be organized to be published a few months after the workshop. The specific journal will be announced after negotiation with publishers.